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You are a role model

In management, you are always at the top and therefore a role model. In most cases, managers get hardly any time and space for themselves and to question their own approach or to improve and develop it according to feedback.

A regular exchange on the same level can have a big impact and good solutions can make an important difference. A look from the outside and additional points of view can be pure inspiration. Even according to an old saying: „Four eyes see more than two.“

We think someone who has mastered a challenge should feel just like Henry Ford has described:

„It’s about having fun with your work. There is no greater joy than the revelation that we have accomplished something.“


At the unbelievable speed at which new digital innovations are released, it is essential to keep up with the technological changes. However, this does not only mean to simply buy new tools and technologies. Success with technology is linked to the people who work for your company. It is therefore about helping your employees, customers and suppliers to utilise the new technologies to work more innovatively and do more by doing it DIFFERENTLY. Additionally, employees and the management need to be able to adopt to a constantly changing environment by growing, utilising new business strategies, conveying new marketing messages and constantly learning new skills. The difference maker – digital innovations and the success story of your team


  • For what your team urgently needs right now, you will need half of a quiet day at work?
  • What usually keeps you from quickly working through your tasks, is how your team functions?
  • What you need to change about leading a certain employee is something you need to to think about?

And actually, you never have time for it as a flurry of new URGENT tasks that cannot be postponed is coming in each day? Suddenly, you have work piled up that has not been touched for months?

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Getting things done

The only things with which our service can be measured are the things, that you have done in time and in the right quality. Imagine you are the one in your company of whom everyone knows: You get things done!

Or does it happen to you that you were working one task after the other during the whole day and in the end, nothing is really finished or on the right track to get done soon? Did you invest a lot of effort just to realise that your to-do-list has not become shorter or that there are even more tasks on it than when you started?

We do the MAGIC


Everything is constantly changing and nothing that once had been proven is still valid 100%. Change is the order of the day. Change management is a management competence, not a project with a beginning and an end. “Still need to check 148 mails.”, says Tim Bendzko. “I have to stay longer in the evening and start sooner in the morning because these are the quiet times when I still have time to finish something.”

Are you sure to have mastered all tools to stay in the lead in the tsunami of IT and communication tech?

Have a look at the tools we gathered for team leaders, managers and CEOs.
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You have merged with or have bought another company and want to use synergies and quickly finish restructuring to be fully productive again and serve the market better than ever before?

You have experience in reorganising, integrating and merging business segments, departments or subdivisions of organisations and administrative bodies from strategy development to the implementation of new processes, together with your employees who you can count on and who define the success of your business.

We are „the difference maker“ when it comes to mergers, post-merger and reorganisation as we take the skills and expertise of your employees into account, help them implement change and word toward a successful future.


Organisational Development

We are the experts when it comes to changes.

You have a vision, an idea or a challenge and we will accompany you on the way. We have experience in defining sensible targets and the necessary know-how to meet them.

If you would like to implement changes in your organisation, you need a competent partner who has new and innovative ideas every day. Our industry – and expertise in combination with our years of experience and our pragmatic qualities, will help you to take the essential steps. We know how you can change your company and will implement these changes in collaboration with you – and we will never lose sight of the people in your business along the way.

Get to the next performance level with us!

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Successful personalities use their coach and consultant

  • as a mirror for their own personality
  • to have a partner whom they can rely on 100 %
  • and who is on their side
  • to freely and loudly express their thoughts
  • to have someone to share their successes with
  • for honest, authentic and professional feedback
  • to vent at low points in life and work
  • to gain more inspiration and flexibility due to another point of view
  • for empowerment through creativity and information
  • as a source of encouragement for new creative ways
  • to have room to think big and visionary
  • to be silly or laugh at times
  • To validate and test their way of thinking
  • Strategically, recognise and design necessary measures early on
  • To express their thoughts freely and loudly
  • To share their successes with someone
  • To get professional feedback
  • To make room for their sorrows and doubts and develop new solutions
  • To have a partner in times of a crises who newly and continuously motivates them
  • To have room for big, visionary and “out of the box” thinking

„Success is the reward for having the courage to take a new path.” (E. Piaf)

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Special coaching offers:

  • Power Coaching: Short coaching sessions that get directly to the heart of the matter and help you to make important decisions.
  • Career Coaching: We have long-time experience and the right tools to support you to make the right career decisions.

PowerCoaching is a short coaching session, that gets straight to the point. Powercoachings support you short-derm on decision making, problem solving, conflict resolution or negotiations. You have to make a decision NOW and you need a Sparringpartner for making sure you are doing the right thing?

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Career Coaching

We have longterm professional experience and the right tools to help you to make the right career decision. It doesn’t matter whether you are new to the professional world and just starting your first work experience or you are planning to change profession or develop your career further. We support you in getting where you want to be.

Specifically for students we have our career development offer om MyFutr. Check it out here.

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