What matters most in Team Building – The crucial point

Team building – fair enough but why do so many people fail at it? Read more about the crucial points for a successful team.

Answer the following questions HONESTLY for yourself:

  • Have the tasks and the goal been clearly defined for the team?
  • Has everyone understood the goal?
  • Are the tasks that have been assigned to the individual team members clearly defined as well? Are they directly related to the goal or does everyone know how they are indirectly connected?
  • Does every team member stick to his/her responsibilities and perform well in the role he/she got assigned?
  • Is it clear who leads the team? Is it clear who does NOT? Is the person leading the team the official team leader?
  • Can every team member rely on that the others to hand in their results at the right time and in the right quality?
  • Wenn Du nur eine der Fragen mit NEIN beantwortest, dann liegt dort bereits der Knackpunkt wieso Dein Team nicht funktioniert.

If you have answered one question with NO, then that is the crucial point why your team does not function well.

First and foremost:
When it is not clear who does what and who does NOT do something, the resulting ambiguity is always a problem for the team!

Moreover, most challenges and conflicts in a team arise from a poor care of interpersonal relationships. If relationships are nourished, teamwork is as easy as pie. We humans are social beings. Good relationships define the quality of collaboration, the conflict potential and therefore the overall results of the team.

All this sounds so easy. However, our experience shows that this topic causes a lot of mayham. For this reason, we have developed the FAST leadership model. It is SIMPLE, EASY TO UNDERSTAND and FOCUSES on a few important points.